05-08 September 2017 | John McIntyre Conference Centre, Edinburgh
Nigel Wilding

University of Bath

Department of Physics

Nigel Wilding obtained his first degree (1988) and doctorate (1992) in Physics from the University of Edinburgh. He subsequently held a postdoctoral fellowship with Kurt Binder at Mainz University (1992-1996). Following the award of a Royal Society of Edinburgh Personal Research Fellowship, he spent three years as an independent researcher in the School of Physics at Edinburgh University, before accepting a lectureship in Applied Mathematics at Liverpool University in 2000. In 2002 he moved to the department of Physics at the University of Bath, becoming a Professor in 2008.

Professor Wilding's research interests lie in the statistical mechanics of fluids and soft matter. Much of his work involves simulation studies of bulk and surface phase behaviour in particle based models of complex fluids. A major strand is the development of new Monte Carlo (MC) simulation methodologies aimed at bridging the many decades separating the timescales accessible to simulation and those on which the phenomena of interest occur. In this vein, he has proposed and applied several novel techniques including a method for accurately locating and characterising fluid critical phenomena, the Phase Switch MC method which permits accurate studies of solid-solid and fluid-solid coexistence, a direct method for estimating the chemical potential of crystals, and techniques for determining potentials of mean force (depletion potentials) in colloidal dispersions. Professor Wilding's current research projects include the properties of liquids near hydrophobic and solvophobic surfaces, novel coarse-graining methods for colloids with depletion, self assembly of shaped colloids, effects of polydispersity on phase behaviour, and the properties of cluster crystals.

Professor Wilding is a Fellow of the Institute of Physics and serves on the Liquids Board of the EPS. He is a member of the editorial board of Molecular Physics.